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The Community On One Level Academies are programs committed to improving the quality of life for young underrepresented students in America, by eliminating the technological, citizenship, academic and achievement gap.

For students to learn, adults must learn.

At the C.O.O.L Academies, youth will also get a chance to see adults learning. In today’s rapidly-changing society, perhaps the most important skill of all is the ability to CONTINUE to learn new things.

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“those who control the education of the children, control the future of America”

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COOL will provide students with real-world vocational training through an integrated program with practical skills and hands-on experience as its guiding principle and focus. What our students learn in class today, they can apply in the job setting tomorrow.

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We encourage the dreams of youth

We reinforce the dreams 
with self awareness and direction

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Dream, with a plan to succeed

C.O.O.L Academies don't focus on methods of teaching.

We focus on motivations for learning. We operate with a belief in the strength of parental and community involvement in education.

We help youths gain experience with self directed learning.

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